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New Butters & Facial Elixir

The Scented Djinn would like to introduce two new butters for the holiday season ~ Hemp Cocoa Patchouli Sandalwood Relaxation Butter and Hemp Patchouli Royal Velvet Slumber Butter, both made with organic base oils.

Hemp Cocoa Patchouli Sandalwood Relaxation Butter is made in a base of organic cocoa butter with a couple of grams of pure bittersweet chocolate, a generous dose of organic hemp seed oil and a splash of organic sunflower oil, this is a relaxation butter heavenly scented with generous amounts of antique sandalwood oil and aged patchouli oil.

Soft, seductive, deep, relaxing ~ rub a little of this butter on your temples, your decollette, hands, arms, tummy, bum, legs and feet, right after a soothing warm bath or shower, or just before bed.

Infused with love and abundance.

Hemp Patchouli Royal Velvet Slumber Butter is made with organic hemp seed oil, organic kokum butter and organic cocoa butter with just a pinch of dark bittersweet chocolate that serves as the base for this lovely sleepy time butter ~ deeply scented with a beautiful, smooth and velvety lavender essential oil and an aged patchouli oil.

Rub slumber butter on your temples, behind your ears, on your hands and arms, your decollette, and breathe in deeply while you drift off to sleep. Great for after a bath or shower taken before bed ~ this butter will sing you off to sleep.

Infused with love, abundance, and sweet dreams.

Sandalwood Hemp Seed Oil Face & Decollette Elixir ~ This is such a lovely product, if I do say so myself :)

Made in a base of organic hemp seed oil and organic sunflower oil, and enhanced with generous amounts of antique sandalwood oil and a hint of aged patchouli, this elixir is delicious face food. So heavily scented, it could almost pass as a perfume oil, but please do use it on your face! This rich elixir sinks right into dry, thirsty skin, leaving it soft, radiant and exotically scented.

Sandalwood has been used for the treatment of acne and various skin rashes, as well as an effective anti-aging treatment! Sandalwood oil is also used as an anti-inflammatory for other skin care issues, and as an anti-microbial.

*Hemp oil is is high in omega fatty acids and proteins, making a perfect skin care. Sunflower oil is high in oleic acids, as well as vitamins A, D & E, lecithin and essential fatty acids. This is a very thick, lush oil that is perfect for mature, weathered and sun-damaged skin.

Spray a little on your finger tip (a little dab is all you need) and dot under your eyes, around your mouth, over your forehead, wherever you wish! Keep this lovely elixir refrigerated as it contains over 50% organic hemp seed oil.


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