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May Scent Event in Fresno, CA

A tentative date of Saturday, May 14, 2011 has been set as the day I attempt to pull off a scent event; an exposition, if you will, of and about Natural Botanical Perfumery. There are several options for advertising here, all of which will cost me paper and ink and a little pavement pounding. The setting for this late spring soiree is in the famous Tower District in Fresno, in the garden of a mansion built in the 1920's. I need to keep this simple. No admission, yet reservations must be made, and scented food samples will be served, as well as perfume (and tea?) samples. I'm courting the local tea house to find out if they'd be interested in co-hosting the event -- an afternoon of fragrant offerings of tea and perfume! I will talk about NBP, and if the tea people are interested, they will talk about tea, and hopefully by the afternoon's end, we will both have a few new customers, and some new found interest in what we create.

If you live in the Fresno area, or within 100 miles, please drop in to the scent event, and then go out to the Tower for some fun.


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