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The Dance of the Whirling Dervish ~ A Vegan Soap

Sufi Sufi
The Dance . . . is a natural vegan soap scented a gorgeously deep fruity/woody/floral essence. This soap is a soaking soap -- that means, grab a bar, fill the tub with warm water, and soak in the tub, rubbing the bar over your body. The Dance . . . is creamy and smooth and the scent is relaxing and meditative -- again, there are creamy woody notes, tart fruit notes, sweet vanilla and floral notes throughout this soap.

Made with saponified oils of virgin olive, organic coconut and organic cocoa butter and heavily scented with the Lord Shiva's offering essence, davana, and the smooth woody essence of Himalayan cedar wood. There is also a generous amount of fresh coconut water from a young coconut in the soap base, making it extra soothing and lush.

4.5 oz bar


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