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A Midsummer Night's Dream Perfume Event ~ Reviews of The Scented Djinn's Peaseblossom Eau de Toilette

All I am - a redhead wrote:

This is an edt and when you look at the notes, you cannot but wonder how Justine made them in such light and refreshingly warm perfume. The notes are so well combined and blended you cannot (well, I cannot tease them apart). I can smell the oakmoss and lavender and rose and vetiver and resins but they are all light on their toes and they play around on this warm, sweet breeze.

Monica Skye Miller of Perfume Pharmer reviewed in poetry:
Like gossamer wings,
fragile, thin and shimmering
this scent whispers on my skin
drawing me in
layer upon layer
all transparent
it is like looking at myself
in the kindest way
like seeing a reflection of
my original face
in a fairy forest pool

Carol at WAFT (What A Fragrance Fanatic Thinks) wrote:

Ah Justine has created a beautiful , resonant scent with great finesse . This is at once sunny and deep , grassy , floral , resinous . I love it ! I consider this a very sophisticated composition , the top notes are unusual with her tinctured wheatgrass adding freshness and green tinged sunshine , the heart is well blended , the base is deep and earthy ( love the mitti , she has used it with a deft hand ! ) . I will wear this joyfully .

Diana at Feminine Things wrote:

As to the scent: three cheers for a sweet floral, but not fruity, patchouli! How did she do it? It’s not overly green, and yet definitely a patchouli scent on me. It’s a gentle scent, possessing a playful quality I’m happy to see in a scent based on a fairy. Green and mossy at first, it quickly becomes sweeter, lavender and sage and vetyver providing a strong base for the dance of the floral notes.

Sample sets of all the perfumes in this perfume event are available through Carol at WAFT ~


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