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Sunday Sol Eclipse Soap aka Blackberry Patchouli Hemp

I got the soap done and even though it contains a little bit of natural isolate, which I'm still trying to be accepting of, it smells fabu! It's not too fruity, which is what I was hoping for -- smells dark and slightly berryish with a freshness to it's tonality. And the base is luxurious -- extra virgin olive, organic virgin coconut, organic sunflower, and organic hemp seed oils -- aaaahhhh! I had planned to sell it all at a local shop, but realized I need much more stock and a few more choices before I'm ready to cross that bridge. At any rate, I'm planning to chop some into sample sizes and hand them out at the first soap class of the year that I'm teaching ~ June 2, 2012 at 6:00 pm at Season's in Sanger, California.

Oh, I'm selling this on TSD's Etsy shop. Sunday Sol Eclipse scented with 12-year-old dark patchouli oil, raspeberry essence (nat. iso.), raspberry CO2, vanilla, pink grapefruit, and bitter orange.


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