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Golden Kyphi Pre-Orders

The Golden Kyphi will be ready September 8th, so I will be taking pre-orders for those who want to get the jump on it. 

Golden Kyphi
Par fume of the ancients, The Scented Djinn's
Golden Kyphi is a lush fragrant smoking incense infused with intentions to
Banish Negativity ~
Golden raisins and organic apricots are soaked in rose wine and combined with
warm honey infused with frankincense resin; over the course of weeks, more
aromatics are added ~ benzoin, hand crushed myrrh resin, Egyptian chamomile,
aloeswood, galangal, white santal, green cardamom, calamus & saffron.
Oils of olibanum from Oman, India and Somalia are added,  as well as oils of
myrrh, styrax, labdanum, vintage Mysore santal, Himalayan
cedarwood, balsam fir, coriander, spikenard & galbanum
As the kyphi dries the oils of rose, ambriene and Siam benzoin are added
~ the kyphi rests for 60 days ~
9 grams ~ $ 4.40 (charcoal NOT included) 


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