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Happiness & Tranqulity Soap

Mmmmm, this soap is divine! Creamy and soothing, made with cold pressed extra virgin olive and coconut oils, and a generous splash of coconut cream, and scented with delicious joy inspiring oils and absolutes ~ neroli, bergamot, petit grain, dark patchouli, jasmine grandiflorum floral infusion and jasmine sambac absolute, plus a few drops of vetyver oil ~ again, mmmmm. What's most amazing is that the rose damascena flower buds which grace this soap smell delicious too! A super floral, super lovely soap for your super skin.

Why Happiness and Tranquility? Because neroli and bergamot and rose inspire joy, and vetyver and patchouli inspire tranquility. A most peaceful soap. And those spots? Those are made from drizzling a wee bit of the scent oils over the top of the soap as it cured.


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