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New Soap and Perfumes On the Horizon

The Scented Djinn has obtained some lovely, well-cared-for vintage oils for soaping -- rosemary, peppermint, cocoa resinoid, palmarosa, Egyptian and Comoros basils, hops, elemi (oh, lovely vintage elemi), pimento berry, and angelica. Aren't you excited? We are!

We are also working on organizing the new workspace to provide easy access to the perfuming oils, which until now have been packed away, or scattered haphazardly across the work bench, used mostly for evaluation and scent reinforcement exercises. Now we're ready to get to work!

We also found a lovely artisan distiller of beautiful lavender oil, Ring Botanicals in Portland, Oregon. You can tell from the quality of the oils that Ring Botanicals takes a lot of care and patience in the preparation of their distillations. They even package their oils in violet glass, which cuts nearly all of the light from reaching the contents of the bottles, thereby preserving them more efficiently than if they were stored in clear glass.
The oil I recently purchased, Buena Vista Lavender, has a gorgeous buttery aspect that makes it perfect for adding to scentedibles. It's so pretty and delicate it would work nicely in just about any topical application as well ~ I see children's products benefiting quite a lot from this particular lavender oil as far as scenting goes.


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