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Rosemary (Cineole) Soap With Arnica Flower Absolute

A photo of the finished soap, and the process by which it was created, was going to be posted here for our clients, but both our cameras (both!) have died and the chargers cannot be located. It's a real problem. New chargers have been ordered and photos of The Scented Djinn's creations will follow.

In the meantime, please feast your sensory organs here:

Rosemary Arnica Flower Handmade Natural Soap ~ made with virgin olive oil, expeller-pressed grapeseed oil, and coconut oil, with a dollop of delicious coconut cream, scented with Tunisian rosemary (cineole ~ eucalyptus/camphor) and arnica flower absolute. Crushed dried rosemary (verbenone type ~ menthol/camphor/celery) added for color and texture. Lovely bright herbal scent with warm ambery tones.

*UPDATE: Camera is now fully charged. Take a peek at the newest soap offerng ~


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