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Mourning Incense In Store Now

Mourning Incense was created to help alleviate feelings of loss. It was carefully formulated to instill joy and hope.

Made without the traditional inclusion of dried fruit or the high quantity of dry herbs, this kyphi-style incense is more resinous, fluid, and more deeply sweet than our other kyphi incense. A very small bit goes a long, long way.

We began with intensely fragrant oakmoss, sandalwood chips, and orris root and soaked them in red wine for five days, then all the resins, frankincense, myrrh, white fir, elemi, and pinon were powdered and boiled in a vat of honey until they became a cohesive mass of sweet, fragrant resinified honey. We then added the oakmoss, santal, orris and wine to the honey blend during the last stages of cooking to bind all the ingredients. After the honey resin cooled, we then spread a layer of jasmine concrete over the top and began a process of weeks of kneading until the 'honey dough' was firm and more or less dry.

Use when the blues strike, or use when things are going well, as a sort of celebration of life and all her gifts. Mourning Incense creates a fair bit of smoke when burned, so beware.

*Please note that you will have to purchase charcoal to burn this, and all our other fabulous kyphi incense ~ we do not sell charcoals for this purpose. You may also use an electric incense burner. Charcoal can be purchased online or at smoke shops or wherever hookah is sold.


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