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New Hydrosol!

Sacred Blend Hydrosol, a gorgeous and intensely scented hydrosol created using freshly cut white sage, cedar, and juniper is now available at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary.

Our hydrosols are slow distilled in copper or glass, and we never remove the essential oil, so you get a high quality, intensely fragrant product. A little goes a long way.

This particular hydrosol is not intended for use on skin, or internally. It is a sacred blend used by Native Americans to 'smudge' before, during, and after ceremony, and is used by all manner of human folk to cleanse their sacred spaces, be it a bedroom, an entire home, or a ceremonial space. Smudging is done by lighting the dried plant material and allowing the smoke to cleanse the space of bad spirits or negativity. Now this can be done using a non-burning medium with the same result. Our Sacred Blend Hydrosol can also be used as a linen and pillow spray. Please allow the linen or pillow to dry thoroughly before using.

We're packaging this hydrosol, and the others to come, in 2.5 ounce slim aluminum spray bottles. $15.75 plus shipping and handling.


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