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NEW Strange & Unusual Bolivian Rose Salt and Moroccan Red Clay Soap

These soaps are nearly solid salt and clay, lather nicely, smell pretty good, too, but they look like bricks!

Made with extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, mango butter, Bolivian rose salt, Moroccan red clay, coconut milk, and scented with vetyver and a little bit of pink grapefruit essential oils.

I made this one for my friend who has acne and has been treating it with medication from a doctor and some over-the-counter stuff that smells awful, but when I gave her a sliver of Anastasia's salt soap (over at eleneetha's shop at Etsy), she washed with it and within two days, the acne cleared up again! Without the meds and the stinky drug store stuff. So she asked if I could make her a salt soap, and I said yeah, sure, no problem. Here's the soap, and yes, I'm saving a couple bars for my friend.


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