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NEW Stuff! New Stuff! New Stuff! At Etsy

Gobs, loads, heaps of soaps are on The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary these days. No pictures, though, which really doesn't help matters. Still without a home computer set up and using computers here and there. Which isn't a bad thing since I'm getting so much done -- soaps, for one!

So, the new handmade soaps that are up on Etsy are:

Lemongrass Tuxedo
Creamy Lemongrass
Woods and Moss and Tea
Lavender Clary Sage
Frankincense & Myrrh (put four up last week and they disappeared almost instantly!)
and last, but not least,

But also, -- also there are some melt and pour soaps, little delicious delicacies that can't withstand the heat and chemical forces of cold processed soap ~

Eau de Violettes
Eau de Jasmine (grandiflorum)
Sunny Saffron

See 'em here!


  1. Justine,

    I picked up a bar of the Poppymint soap at the Harvest Festival. We both love it!

    We'll be trying some more of your great creations soon.


  2. Thank you! It was good seeing you there. What a hectic day that was. Thanks for coming :)


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