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Red Kyphi Protection Empowerment Psychic Doorway Prophetic Dreams 

Red Kyphi Protection Empowerment Psychic Doorway Prophetic Dreams 9 grams
Red Kyphi Protection Empowerment Psychic Doorway Prophetic Dreams 9 grams Red Kyphi Protection Empowerment Psychic Doorway Prophetic Dreams 9 grams
I've blogged about this kyphi at Oh True Apothecary blogspot since May 2013. First because it was coming along so beautifully, then because it began to work its magic.

Made using the traditional techniques of the Ancient Egyptians, first golden raisins were soaked in red wine and gin (not so traditional, that gin bit), then over the course of a few weeks herbs were combined and soaked in red wine, then honey and frankincense and pinon pine resin were boiled to create a lovely thick fragrant incense syrup which was then added to the herbs and other resins until this mish-mosh of various plant materials created a stunning and perfect kyphi incense. After a few weeks of drying and rolling and curing and babying, the kyphi was stable enough to cut into bits and then rolled in a fragrant dust composed of orris root, cinnamon, galangal, and star anise.

Ingredients: honey, golden raisins, red wine, gin, frankincense, pinon pine, opoponax, myrrh, santal, spearmint, gum arabic, dragon's blood, orris, cinnamon, acacia flower, Siam benzoin, camphor, galbanum, sweet grass, calamus, Sumatran benzoin, galangal, star anise.

The ingredients were chosen to help in works involving protection and empowerment, however a byproduct of those ingredients also included a bit of psychic doorway opening during meditation; if this kyphi is burned prior to bedtime, prophetic, and even disturbing, dreams may be on the horizon for the sleeper.

The listings are for one 18 gram amber glass jar, and one 9 gram plastic envelope of hand crafted Red Kyphi incense, $9 and $3.60 respectively. Burn responsibly. This is not a self combusting incense, please burn on chemical safe charcoal in a fire safe burner, or on an electric incense heater.


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