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Want to see a glimpse of your destiny? A better future, or a plan of action to steer clear of potentially harmful situations? Or do you simply want a question answered? The Scented Djinn's been reading tarot for 20 plus years and offers her services to the curious.

A traditional 10-card spread is laid down and your fortune is seen within.

Please Note: This is for entertainment purposes only and in no way meant to predict your future ~ your deeds -- or misdeeds -- dictate your destiny.

From a customer of a 10-card Tarot reading from The Scented Djinn ~ "I found Justine's gift in reading a 10-card spread to be like having someone walk into my life for the day, to see how it is that I was getting life fulfilled. I found her direct & to the point without sugarcoating anything that one might want to ignore! Good Guidance!"


  1. How much is the cost?
    [I have a Crowley Tarot, An old gift from an old friend; the cards are wrapped in a black silk]

    1. $22.50 USD for the 10-card, $9.00 for the 3-card, and I will be adding a 21-card Romany spread for deeper issues in the spring/summer, probably price it around $45 USD. Not sure yet. It's quite a lot of reading :) I had a Crowley deck years ago that I threw out -- I know, you're not supposed to do that, but they gave me the heebie-jeebies. There was something about that deck that didn't sit right with me. I should probably get a swatch of black silk for my decks to keep out negativity after I cleanse them. I've got one deck double wrapped in handmade pouches, and the other in a wooden box. I used to dread doing readings because I felt like they took so much out of me, but things have changed and now I get energized during readings and feel great for days after doing one.


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