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Atay and Puck's Love Juice ~ Perfumes for Valentine

Atay unfolds on the skin like a blossoming flower, opening with notes of crisp ginger and bergamot with hints of cassia, then slowly undulates toward a rich, creamy, honied floral with soft rounded notes of seductive sandalwood and dark bitter tea, ending with delicious vanilla tinged honey and tuberose and more creamy santal.

Made with a year-old tincture of organic China green Yunnan Jade Supreme, a black tea absolute and cabreuva wood co-blend, an aged tincture of Swedish bee goo concentrate, fresh ginger, bergamot, ginger lily, cassia, tuberose, santal and vanilla Bourbon.

15 ml roll on bottle ~ $54.00

"And the imperial votaress passed on,
In maiden meditation, fancy-free.
Yet marked I where the bold of Cupid fell:
It fell upon a little western flower,
Before milk-white, now purple with love's wound.,
And maidens call it Love-in-idleness." Oberon

"I'll put a girdle round about the earth
In forty minutes!" Puck

Puck finds the western flower, purple with love's wound, and shook the dewdrops from it into a crystal flask, and sprinkled the juice of it over the party so that they might find love, and a bit of confusion.

Composition: wheat grass tincture, oakmoss tincture, ambrette hydrosol, oakmoss resin (vintage), benzoin resin, lavender mailette, clary sage absolute, carnation absolute, tonka bean tincture, vanilla Bourbon CO2, chamaebatia foliosa, Mysore santal, bergamot, tuberose, cocoa absolute, and cassia.

1 ml sample with bag  $4.50


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